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 Long Term Men's       Recovery Facility, Level 3 Purdy Missouri

Intake Screening, Brochure, and FAQ




                                      TPN, LLC       


A Private Long Term Menís Recovery Facility

We are located at:
11664 Private Road 1084                                                    
Purdy, MO 65734

Phone: (417) 665-9791
Fax: (888) 384-1141

Contact: Jeremy Walker


Straight Edge, Inc.

Email: jeremy@swmostraightedge.org








                                                                                                          A 7,000 Sq. Ft. two story facility just off HWY 37.

The Purdy house is a level 3 housing facility with  supervision and restricted movement. If you have trouble maintain sobriety, always fighting authority, and need life/social skills this is the pathway for you. The cost is higher reaching a maximum of $200 a week and as behavioral changes, attitudes, and skills sets are developed the cost goes down and the freedoms increase. 

The house is constantly being watched as well as camera placed through out the house and grounds. Terry Miksell is the House Manager as well as a certified drug and alcohol counselor, CRADC.


General guidelines are outlined in your interview. Please know that you will be:

    ∑ Drug tested when returning from a day or weekend pass

    ∑ Random drug test on demand is a requirement

    ∑ You are allowed to have a legal vehicle on the premises, after approval from management

    ∑ This is a restricted movement facility - You can not come and go, or have visitors at will

    ∑ Scheduled passes and visitations

    ∑ You are allowed to have a cell phone, you are not allowed on the company WIFI.



We are here to help support you and provide you with the information and materials that you need to lead a productive, fulfilling life outside of addiction. You are encouraged to use your time at TPN wisely. Your time in the program should be about you, not others. This should be a time of reflection on the past in order to better understand yourself, the world around you, and where you wish to be.

Services Provided

∑ Individual Counseling

∑ Anger Management

∑ Drug Education

∑ Structured Environment

∑ Group Therapy

∑ Special needs Counseling

∑ Behavioral Modification

∑ Life skills training

∑ Employment/Job Opportunities

∑ 12 step Meetings

∑ Funds available once you complete the program

∑ Community Service

∑ GED classes

∑ Monthly open group meetings for all that have completed their commitment at the facility

∑ Transportation to work, meetings, and court dates


The staff and volunteers understand the special issues that men face in their recovery. We specialize in working one on one and in group sessions, helping to create positive changes in live, with focus on identifying personal problem areas and leading the client through a program of recovery dealing with all issues.




Gary De Graw

House Manager

Robert Davis, M.Div, LPC


Length of the TPN Program

1. If you come voluntarily, you will be required to stay for at least one year.

2. If you are court ordered, then the court sets the minimum length of stay.

Why one year?

It is our belief that it takes nine months or longer for some men to learn how to use the tools to stay clean, sober, and deal with life's situations. Very few can stay clean and sober by sheer will power. If it takes a year to do this once, is it not better than the life you are leading now?

Giving Back

Giving back to others as well as the desire to help others is critical to staying clean and sober. Community service is a requirement as well as an outreach to the surrounding area.

Under addiction one tends to live for the moment, thinking only of and about one self and ones own need. As we learn to help others without expecting anything back in return, then we know the tools that you have been given to staying clean and sober are beginning to positively affect your life and behavior.

We are a private facility

We are a private facility. We are also a faith based facility. We believe that there is a spiritual aspect to keep on clean and sober. As with AA and NA, we are ran by or supported by any denomination, church, state funding or federal funding. TPN is supported by the funds received from the work of the men in the facility. Working is a part of the program. While learning the importance of maintaining a job, men learn how to work and get along with coworkers. Working to pay for their stay and program gives men ownership and a vested interest in their recovery.

Acceptance into the TPN program

1. You must request and be interviewed for acceptance. Contact us directly or your Probation/Parole officer.

2. You must admit that you have a drug or alcohol problem

3. You must be willing to obey the house rules

4. You can not have or had violent or sexual charges against you

5. You must be ready for change

If you have any questions please call our Client Service  at 417-442-3074 from 9 to 3 Monday - Friday.



Large bed rooms - for 6 to 8 men


Locker room facilities


Several process group meeting areas and rooms for Drug Education, Men's Fraternity, Anger Management, NA meeting, and more!


Large 16 X 30' Kitchen. 


Facility also has on site washer and dryers.