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Intake Screening, Brochure, and FAQ




The Monett House is a 3,000 Sq. FT house the is part of 40 Acres. The property is approximately 5 miles South of Monett, Missouri on Highway 37 4747 S. Hwy 37. The property is managed by Larry Price. Phone: (417) 342-7257.



The house has 5 bedrooms and has a maximum capacity of nine men. The house does have a live in house manager, Larry Price,who has a 40 hour a week job outside the house.

Each man must find and hold a job. He must find a ride to work, purchase food and prepare his own meals. Group meeting attendance is required. Here the men are allowed to have a cell phone and while they must report to the house manager, they are allowed to come and go within reason.

Presently all the men work in Monett and Cassville. TPN will provide transportation to find work and for the member to initially get to and from work. However, he is expected to find a ride. If he can not drive or does not have a vehicle a $50 a week charge will be assessed to his account each week.

All men and vehicles must be legal to be on the road. Driver's license will be verified as well as vehicle insurance and inspections.

Members must submit to random drug and alcohol testing as outlined in their membership contract. Drug and alcohol usage is not permitted and may be cause for termination of membership.


Men coming into this house needs to have several months of sobriety.

The Monett house is a place for men to get on their feet financially. If you struggle with using when living alone, this may be the place for you. Fairly isolated, it offers men open space and the opportunity to get away from the busyness of the city.



Property Manager:                                                             Property Location:

Larry Price                                                                                4747 S. Hwy. 37

Phone: (417) 342-7457                                                            Monett, Missouri 65708