Men's Recovery Housing, Level 1, Monett Missouri

Men's Recovery Housing Level 2, Joplin Missouri

 Long Term Men's       Recovery Facility, Level 3 Purdy Missouri

Intake Screening, Brochure, and FAQ




TPN Program Fees


  Purdy Purdy Purdy Monett Joplin Joplin  
  Phase I Phase II Phase III   1 to 90 days 91 days -  
  $200 week $180 week $150 week $100 week $200 week $125 week  
Internal Groups              
4 per week X            
3 per week   X          
2 per week     X   X    
Counseling X X X X X X  
Transportation X       X    
Cell Phones allowed X X X X X X  
Restricted Movement X       X