Men's Recovery Housing, Level 1, Monett Missouri

Men's Recovery Housing Level 2, Joplin Missouri

 Long Term Men's       Recovery Facility, Level 3 Purdy Missouri

Intake Screening, Brochure, and FAQ




Admission Intake Screening Form

Please download and fill out the intake screening house. You can fax it back to TPN at (888) 384-1141 or email it back to tpn.application@outlook.com

Admission Intake Screening Form

Brochure for Men

Brochure for Agencies


Regardless of which house you are wanting to get into, please email or fax your Admission Intake Screening Form.

If you are have problems pleasae contact Terry Miksell at the Purdy House, (417) 442-3074.



Frequently Asked Questions

How Much does it cost:

bulletCost is based on a phase system -- see cost sheet
bullettransportation to and from work for the first few weeks. You are expected to find a work
bulletprocess groups (a minimum of 7 hours a week)
bullettransportation to and from church and CR meetings
bullettransportation to P&P
bullettransportation to court
bulletTPN will provide transportation to get you once accepted. However, TPN does not transport you, should you decide to leave early

How long do I have to stay

If you are court ordered, then the court decides, sometimes it is a minimum time frame, but not less than six months.

TPN does not set a time, TPN is here to help you get back on your feet.

What is faith based mean

It is our firm belief that you alone can not stay clean and sober with our believing in a higher power. Our higher power is God and our belief in Jesus Christ as our personal savior. We are not here to preach or to specifically teach you the bible. However, most of your programs are going to use scripture as a bases for the lessons on live, giving, anger management, marriage and success. We are not here to convert you, but hope that you will come to understand our savior as the need source of strength to help you in live.

You have to attend church, the first twelve weeks. After the twelve weeks it is your choice as to whether or not you wish to attend church.


What is Men's Fraternity

Dr. Robert Lewis founded Men's Fraternity in 1990. It is a journey on which you will embark, that has been energizing and exciting men from all over the word. The Quest for Authentic Manhood sets out to answer some questions that are universal to men.


What makes a man a man? A real man?


How does one become a man?


Is there a moment when it happens?


What is it that holds men back from their true masculine destiny?


How should authentic manhood express itself today?

In the sessions we will have together, we will closely examine our development as men, the wounds which often hold men back, and how those wounds can be healed. We will discover the importance of male encouragement, the power of Dad, raising healthy sons and daughters, and the role of a man in marriage.

What is life focus programming

Most men need life focusing groups. These group deal with real life issues and covers many lift situations. Most of these situations  we were not taught how to proper respond to. 


Will I have a job when I leave the program

We are not an employer. We help you find a job. It is up to you to maintain and keep it.


I do not have a valid ID

Please get an ID before you come to TPN. It is not our obligation to pay for and help you get a valid ID.

I do not have a Social Security Card

We can help with that, providing that you have a valid ID


Why do I need a valid ID and a Social Security Card

If you are serious about recovery, you need to start with the basics. All of our employers use E-Verify to verify a potential employee can legally work in the USA. They must see a valid picture ID and Social Security Card. They can not or will not take your word that you have them. Many of our employers require a birth certificate for their 401K plan.