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Intake Screening, Brochure, and FAQ




Welcome to TPN Recovery Programs.




The Peoples Network, Inc.

Not-For-Profit 501(c)3


                                Hope (Helping Other People Exceed)      

to men suffering from substance addictions and their families                       



We have three locations to better serve you and your path to recovery.

Please review the three houses and then fill out the Intake/Screening form.


There are many pathways to recovery. As a man suffering from substance addiction you must first be honest with your self. You must decide if one you are ready to quit. Not because of the court system or family, but because you are not longer can stand the life style that substance addiction and the conscience of your actions under the influence had created for you.

TPN now offers you at least three choices of recovery programs and housing to met you where you are at in life and recovery. Check out these choices in the following pages. Each program and house offers you something unique. 

TPN made not be the best fit for you and that is alright. TPN will help you find a more suitable program or housing based on our assessment of your recovery. Denial may be one of your big obstacles, so an open mind to listen and learn is critical to your recovery. TPN can do it for you. You must want to live a clean and sober life and it can not be forced on you. You must accept and embrace it, for you and you alone. As you do that the other things you want, family, friends, respect at you job, a purpose in life will in its own time start to develop.


TPN, LLC  uses a Holistic program that builds on the individual progress of treatment by exposing men to a healthy, balanced lifestyle, a strong support group, and guidance from those who have walked a similar path. Mixing traditional and non-traditional methods, our approach embraces your emotional, physical, and spiritual well being, as well as psychological, and behavioral growth.

Guidance is combined with love as residents take part in group lectures, individual counseling, group process sessions, 12 step programs, Menís Fraternity, as well as faith based living instructional messages. Each resident enjoys high protein meals, work out areas, and leisure areas. We are a faith based facility. We are not affiliated or funded by any denomination, but we believe that a spiritual need is part of recovery.

Mission Statement

To provide a loving, caring and comprehensive instructional environment, which will aid in helping recovering men with substance abuse deal with their own personal, emotional and life problems. TPN will help prepare them for growth towards increased functional ability, spiritual maturity, and acceptance of responsibility.


What are the qualifications to come into a TPN Recovery Program?

All men that suffer from substance abuse, with the following exceptions:

Those that have or have current charges for sexual abuse.

Those that can not pass a drug test for THC.

Those that do not have a valid picture ID or Social security card

Those that do not want to work. Men must work to pay for the program fees.

       Main Contacts:                                                                                                   Main Facility:

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